Three Sixty Six Co., Ltd. 

is the Manufacturer, Experienced EPC contractor and Equipment rental company 
for Cold Plasma Odor Eliminator, Electrostatic Precipitator Dust & Smoke Eliminator 
for Pollution control and save our environment.

Odor Eliminator System for Industrial Customers has several kinds such as
Direct burn, Biological process, Oxidation, Scrubbing, Absorption system. 
Each system has strong and weak points to match with the odor type and related chemical. 
To choose the right system depends on the following:

Odor Eliminator System for Chemical Gas can be treated by 2 methods

Wet Scrubber and Activated Carbon. Wet scrubber uses water spray to eliminate
the odor air and has Media to increase the surface for odor elimination
and use sedimentation tank for water recycle.

Activated carbon system use carbon to eliminate the odor which has high odor elimination
performance but High operating cost which good for the small project.

Biological Odor Eliminator System use Microorganism to digest the contaminated and pollution air to be the small molecule and has no hazardous. The system consists of Media which has porous to allow the air pass thru. It can use natural products such as wood bark, coconut pulp and synthetic material such as plastic which requires the food for microorganism to grow. When odor air pass the media, microorganism on the media will digest the contamination to become small chemical compound which are carbon dioxide and water.





We have strong experience on Design, Manufacture
and Installation Odor Eliminator System for Industrial customers
who have air pollution problems such as Acid vapor,
Alkaline vapor, dust from production process.

From our long experience, we can provide recommendation
and select the right system to match with each problem at reasonable budget.

We are pleased to provide you the consultation about
Air pollution control and Waste water treatment system by integrated solution

from our expert team with more than 15 year experience
which can solve your problem at the reasonable budget.